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Looking for a gluten free restaurant, some tasty products
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Here is the list of restaurants we have tested in more than 15 countries around the world: 300 restaurants and an article explaining everything you need to know!

La box Gluten Libre

Products from farmers, small environment-friendly companies or partner restaurants: here is the 100% gluten free box!

You are tired of cooking gluten-free dishes that are not good or look like nothing. Try these recipes, they work every time!

Hello, I’m Chloe & french and I’m gluten intolerant since 2013.

I’m a frequent traveller, a fan of good food, and I’ve always refused to suffer my intolerance!

So why can’t you?

Box of the month

6 products from farmers, restaurateurs and small environmentally friendly businesses. A box 100% gluten free, as you’ve never tasted before!
The products have been tested, approved and recommended.

So hurry, come and test this limited edition box!

Destination of the month

This month, we’re off to Paris to test some good gluten-free restaurants for delivery! We tested all the restaurants and met with most of the teams to give you as much information as possible and help you make your choice. 14 restaurants for 14 different tastes!

Discover them and enjoy!

Recipe of the month

For a summer recipe, we have decided to treat ourselves good and cook a really and easy home made tiramisu! It is sooo tasty that you will want to eat it every single day, trust me !