Ubud, Ubud, Ubud, Ubud… I had the chance to visit this city several times during my stay in Bali, and I absolutely loved the ultra relaxing atmosphere that this place offers. The best for you: go meditate at Yoga Barn, you will come out of there on another planet: the planet of relaxation and well-being. Then, enjoy delicious meals in all the gluten-free restaurants available in Ubud. Be careful not to fall too much in love with this place….

Gluten free in Indonesian: tidak pakai glutten

Click here to have the Indonesian gluten free card

Gluten free dishes in Ubud? Made’s banana flour !

In Canggu and Ubud, Made’s banana flour is the first gluten free restaurant in Bali made from green bananas. You will be able to have…

Atman Kafe, the 100% gluten free place in Ubud

What would be Ubud without its rice fields, its yoga or meditation & its healthy and gluten free food? Do you want to enjoy a…

Avocado Warung: Gluten free and healthy burger in Ubud

Do you have the same feeling than I do when I eat a burger? I love it, but I regret it the moment I ate…