Siem reap

Siem Reap was one of the most beautiful cities in Cambodia that I was able to visit in the country. And yes, it is the closest city to the temples of Angkor, the Khmer headquarters from the 9th to the 15th century.

You will see, there is the city centre, which is a cute little square with lots of restaurants and terraces. After cycling for three days to visit the temples, I had a little treat: a good massage in one of the city’s spas! In addition to having many gluten-free restaurants, Siem Reap will delight you with its absolutely unique charm and rich culture.

Click here to have the Cambodian gluten free card

La Pasta, the best place to find gluten free Italian food in Siem Reap

So let’s go to La Pasta, the best gluten free Italian in Siem Reap. On weekends, what do you normally do? Party a little no?…

Get some energy after riding around Angkor temples and eat gluten free in Siem Reap at Artillery

Visiting, riding, walking, and what? Gluten Libre never ever forgets good gluten free food !! And we are everywhere, even around Siem Reap… After two…