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Hello everyone and Welcome to the Gluten Libre family !!

I am Chloé, 24 years old, French and a real fan of good food! So after 5 years of university at Kedge Business School ( a French business shcool), I have decided to launch my company: 

Gluten Libre or all the right ingredients for the best listing of gluten free restaurants in the world. We make our own selection of the best establishments offering our community a complete and detailed description of each location.

Gluten Libre has visited more than 300 restaurants in over 20 countries, and this is just the beginning! In Europe, South America, Oceania, Asia, only a few continents are missing and Gluten Libre will be full to bursting point! No need to search for hours on the internet to find the gluten free restaurant of your dreams, we have done it for you! With Gluten Libre, you are free to travel gluten free and go to the best establishments, tested by us. Eating gluten free will no longer be a problem and the taste will be even better! French, a big  traveller, and a fan of good food, I have always refused to put up with my intolerance, so why not you?

Our social medias

On our Instagram, you will be able to see all of the gluten free restaurants we went during our travels! Moreover, we will tell you all the secrets about the food specialities of each country! We know how hard it can be to understand each other with local people about intolerances/ allergies, so we did it for you to make sure you will know what you can and cannot eat in each country.     

On Facebook, we will try to give you as much information as possible about what to know about gluten free around the world, events coming soon, updates etc.
Gluten Libre website is here to give you information about gluten free restaurants that my community and I have been to! You will be able to see interviews, food speciality recipes, and detailed information about the places to go! 

Don’t let anyone tell you again that gluten free, vegetarian or vegan food are impossible to find! 

Be part of Gluten Libre family and share your gluten free experiences around the world with me. Thus, together, we can help more people like us to find quick and good information about gluten free!

Be free to travel gluten free 


The Gluten Libre family

Gluten free table chef

“You have to taste a culture to understand it better”

The Gluten Libre Family travels the world to give you all the places where it is possible to eat gluten free. If you too still feel like you’re looking for hours on the internet to find the gluten free restaurant of your dreams near where you are, with Gluten  Libre, you will save time! Come and taste the culinary secrets of each city by browsing our lists of gluten free restaurants, but also by discovering their speciality! Have no doubts, gluten free is our strong point. So, don’t wait any longer and don’t bother looking for hours, we did it for you!

“The question is not whether we will cook, but how we will cook”

For more than 7 years, one of the members of Gluten Libre has not been able to eat gluten. Yes, Chloe became gluten free before it was cool! We all met in business school and she introduced us to her gluten free recipes, which are just as simple one for each other. We are three food lovers, and we loved to have food contests between us. We have shared our best gluten free recipes, very easy to make and at a low price so that gluten free is no longer a concern for your daily life. By the way, do not hesitate to contact us if you also have some great recipes or if you have some problems to make the ones we propose!

Gluten free Pasta recipe
Gluten free Chef

“Never trust a skinny chef, especially when it comes to gluten free”

It is all very well to give you the gluten free places in the world, but the most interesting thing is to know why each of these restaurants offers products adapted to this diet. We had the chance to meet several chefs from around the world. Each of them has a quite different vision of the gluten free diet, and we thought you might be interested to know more about it. A little reading, or listening during your travels to school or work; or just on the train or on the plane to a dream destination… The choice is yours !