Do you all know Machu Picchu? This fabulous village located in the middle of the mountains?

However, you may not know that the nearest city is Cusco. And yes, this city is located several hours from Machu Picchu, but all travelers go there to start their great journey! 5 hours of roads, a trek of several days for the most courageous, and here you are at Machu Picchu. So, before or after this great experience, nothing better than enjoying a good gluten free meal!

Gluten free in Peru: Sin tacc, sin trigo, libre de gluten

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NatuAle Cusco: the only 100% gluten free restaurant in Cusco

Are you looking for a gluten free restaurant in Cusco , the city close to the wonderful Machu Picchu? We found the only 100% gluten…