June’s 2020 Box


What if you were to test gluten free products that you were sure were nutritious?

Here is the first Gluten Libre box that will meet your expectations in terms of taste and quality!

5 products from France & 1 from Italy, and gluten-free of course, tested, approved and recommended, so that eating gluten-free is no longer a constraint but a pleasure.

Most of the products in the box are also vegan so you want to know what’s in it?

Have a look at the description !

Pre-order from the 9th of June to the 22nd of June, 14 days to order your Gluten Libre box, hurry up! You will receive your box the following week. 


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The second Gluten Libre box is composed of 6 products, enough to accompany your meals for several days.

Let’s start our day with a bowl of gluten free granola, to fall on the floor! Or, enjoy some delicious cakes from the South of France. This time, we won’t give you all the products, to keep a but of surprise!

Let’s move on to lunch: why not treat yourself to a nice dish of gluten-free gnocchi, straight from Italy. It’s one of the best suppliers in the country, believe me! Or you can opt for homemade burgers to share with your friends and family. They’ll love the super soft and light side of the burger. Buns are very easy to cook: you’ll see, you’ll want more!

What about dinner? Why not try preparing homemade couscous or tabbouleh with shelled millet! Finally, you will be able to cook delicious Breton galettes with our super buckwheat flour coming directly from a small producer in Brittany! The bretons are by far the best when it comes to sharing a complete galette, don’t you agree?

Here’s a box mix that will complete your daily diet in the best possible way! Be careful, your friends and family will want to steal all your gluten-free products!

The box can be delivered in France, Switzerland and Belgium.  Test it now!

The composition of the box and the description of its allergens:

  • Gluten-free granola: almond, hazelnut, pecan
  • Provincial cakes: corn, egg, olive oil
  • Gluten-free Gnocchi: 100% organic, potato
  • A mix to make 4 gluten-free burger buns: corn, milk protein
  • Shelled millet: Zero allergens, 100% organic
  • Buckwheat flour: Zero allergens, 100% organic
  • Great recipe ideas!
  • Recycled and recyclable Free Gluten packaging!

So, not bad, right?


Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 15 cm

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