May’s 2020 box


What if you were to test gluten free products that you were sure were nutritious?

Here is the first Gluten Libre box that will meet your expectations in terms of taste and quality!

Only French products, and gluten-free of course, tested, approved and recommended, so that eating gluten-free is no longer a constraint but a pleasure.

Most of the products in the box are also vegan so you want to know what’s in it?

Have a look at the description !

Make your pre-order for the June box now. New products will soon arrive in description and picture. Here is the Box of the Month for May, so you can see what you can get!

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The first Gluten Libre box is composed of 6 products, well enough to accompany your meals for several days. A good bread of about 500g for your breakfast or for a good lunch with great recipe ideas. Or what to make 6 delicious and very tasty pancakes. For a lighter breakfast, opt for the gluten free cereal bar, filled with good protein, enough to keep you going for a busy morning!

Then, for lunch, why not a good homemade pizza to share, with very original recipes and not too fat? No more gluten free pizzas that are tasteless or too expensive, this one works every time.

At 4:00 pm, it’s snack time, so enjoy with your friends and family 6 great gluten free cannelés with an amazing taste. Finally, to congratulate you on your long day, treat yourself to gluten-free & vegan chips, and made with a surprising technique that avoids any superfluous fat!

Here is a mix box that will complete your daily diet in the best possible way! People around you will love it too!

The box can be delivered in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Test it, and send us your returns.

The products and allergens included in this box are the following:

  • Chips: zero allergens, 100% organic (vegan)
  • Bar: zero allergens, 100% organic (vegan)
  • Mix pancakes: Corn Starch (can be made vegan)
  • Mix bread: potato starch, manioc starch (can be made vegan)
  • Mix cannelés: corn starch (can be made vegan)
  • Mix pizza: protein of lactose (not lactose free)
  • Recipes ideas
  • Recycled packaging

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