Gluten free financier cake recipe! A must try

gluten free financier

Hmm, gluten free financier cake, so simple to make and so delicious. You can enjoy them at any time of the day, for breakfast, coffee after a good lunch, or for a snack, enjoy indulging yourself with these little delicacies!

gluten free financier

For 4 person, you will need:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 80 g almond powder
  • 20g of maizena
  • 80 g melted vegetable margarine
  • 70 g icing sugar

STEP 1: Put the egg whites in a bowl with the sugar and whisk until the mixture is fairly frothy. Let’s go! Then add the melted margarine and mix again.

STEP 2: Add corn starch (maizena) and almond powder. Mixing well, you will have a very smooth and beautiful paste! Hummm it smells already good!

STEP 3: In your financiers cake mould, spread your dough. Then bake in a preheated oven at 180° for 12 minutes. Watch the baking process carefully. They will be ready when the financier becomes golden!

Eat it warm or cold, I love it both ways!

I hope you will enjoy these yummy gluten free financier cake!

See you very soon for more recipes !



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