Gluten free muffins, here it comes!

Muffins sans gluten

Muffins are those great cupcakes that Americans love! Here is a version of gluten free muffins that you must try at home. Super simple to make, you will need 15 minutes of preparation, 20 to 25 minutes of baking time for 6 to 8 gluten free muffins.

gluten free muffins
Gluten free muffins

Well, then, you’re going to need:

  • 2 eggs.
  • 125 g rice flour
  • 60 g caster sugar
  • 110g butter or margarine (to be taken out of the fridge 20 min before preparation)
  • 80g dark or milk chocolate
  • 5 tablespoons rice milk
  • 1 teaspoon of gluten-free baking yeast

STEP 1: Don’t forget to take your butter out 20 minutes before you start cooking. Take a bowl and mix the flour and baking powder, then add the butter, sugar and 1 egg. Mix well, and add the second egg.

STEP 2: Add the milk little by little, and stir! Use a whisk if you have one, or a fork to make it smooth. Don’t hesitate to add flour if you think your mixture is too liquid.

STEP 3: Cut your chocolate into chips, and mix them with your preparation. And preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

STEP 4: If you don’t have the muffin wrappers, put some butter on your muffin cups. When it’s done, add your mixture to a little more than half of each muffin tin.

STEP 5: Bake for 20, 25 minutes at 180°. The tip of your knife should come out dry when you stick it in your gluten free muffins.

There you go. Nice, isn’t it? For more recipes, it’s this way!


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