Cardiff, capital of Wales is a pleasant city that attracts more and more tourists interested by its history and its culture.

Located at 200 km from London, it is a very rewarding and interesting destination that I advise. Here again, you won’t have too much difficulties to find a gluten-free restaurant or bakery. The choices are varied and delicious so don’t wait and find our selection!

Gluten free in English: Gluten free 

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Gluten free burgers in Cardiff, anyone? Honest is the honest place to go!

What’s more honest than Honest? Their gluten free burgers in Cardiff! Yes yes, this restaurant wanted to be honest from the A to Z by…

Bella Italia, gluten free italian restaurant in Cardiff

You know what is the capitale of Wales? Hummm…. Cardiff!! Now you know haha. Let’s see what we found for you guys in this beautiful…